NA Miata OEM+ LED Tail Lights

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The latest offering from Oniglow, the Mazda Miata NA tail lights are here! 

Possibly the cheapest OEM+ style retrofit around, we test all the materials to ensure everything works for as long as possible. 

Features - 
 - Designed to fit all 1989-1997 (NA6/NA8 chassis code) Mazda Miata MX-5s
 - Plug and play, easy to install
 - Superior brightness when compared to stock tail lights
 - 3 month warranty against all sealing/moisture/labor/LED defects (buyer covers shipping)


These lights are designed for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY  please consult with your local law enforcement for local laws/regulations.

Due to the LEDs installed into the turn signals, the turn signals WILL flash fast. Please refer to the tutorials for instructions on how to fix this (LED flasher relay or load resistors)