About Us

Our Story:

Illumaesthetic was founded in March of 2015 originally as a personal college project. Adam originally wanted to create something unique for his car using his mechanical engineering education and the available tools offered by the school at his disposal. 2 months later, the very first GD chassis “C” light was born. Since then, we’ve gone global, producing lights for various social media influencers, big Youtube channels, and even SEMA and Tokyo Auto Salon cars. We strive on producing products with the feel and quality of major manufacturers, while maintaining the customer service feel of working one-on-one with an individual. Illumaesthetic is not big company by any means, but we are on the cutting edge of parts development, and have no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Since then, we've since added gauge faces, clear lens production, and now even bumper development. All in-house, no compromise.

Our Philosophy:

Making custom parts isn’t easy, nor is it cheap. However to the customer, it should be exciting and pain-free. We do absolutely everything we can to make sure the product you get is designed exactly to your vision, and will operate trouble-free for years to come. No other company will be more transparent, straightforward, and easy to deal with when it comes to designing custom parts for your car, whether its bumpers, gauge faces, or tail lights. That is our guarantee.