Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) Complete DIY Kit

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The raw panels needed for creating your very own LED lights for the Mazda FD3S Platform 

What you will receive

- 1 pair (2), of laser cut panels configured to fit inside the 1992–2002 Mazda FD3S OEM tail lights
- Offered as a blank, or one of the pre-cut designs listed. For custom designs, please send us an email to see if we can accommodate your request. 
- Pre-bent using approved molds for quality appearance
- All panels come in gloss black as standard. Please email us before ordering if you would like a custom color (chrome, red, ect) 
- Appropriate # of corresponding LEDs (+ some extras)
- 1x Resistor Pack
- 1x Illumaesthetic dimming module pack (if applicable)



- Designed to fit FD3S Mazda RX-7s, using OEM cores (photo attached)
- The inner plastic will need to be trimmed to ensure proper clearances, please see tutorials for reference
- Installation tutorials will be uploaded onto our Youtube channel detailing installation instructions
- Panel may need to be post-process bending after LEDs/electronics are installed
- Professional installation highly recommended
IF CHOOSING CUSTOM OPTION: Please email us your desired custom design (use the blank photo as a template) OR contact us when placing your order so we can work with you regarding the design. 


Ring (Diffusion): Red - 88 / Yellow - 86 / LED Strip - High Density Red
C Shape (Diffusion): Red - 92 / Yellow - 90 / LED Strip - High Density Red
C Shape (Non-Diffused): Red - 208 / Yellow - 174


- All of our tail light modifications are meant for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please refer to your local laws and regulations to see if this is permitted for street use in your area. 
- We are not liable to any damage this product causes from installation or it's use.