CorsoMotion Parking Brake Module (PAIR)

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NOTE - The modules no longer come with the box, the supplier has replaced the plastic box with a shrink wrap tube that goes the entire length of the chip.

From CorsoMotion USA, this parking brake module is perfect for getting effective dimming for your parking -> brake LEDs. This module replicates the effect of having dual filament bulbs. 

Features -
 - accepts 11-18V input
 - max 1A (in parking mode), for higher currents, please opt for the higher amp version (not necessary unless you want to light up the entire light with one module)
- 2A max in brake mode 

For DIY Use:
Output (2 wires)
 - Red (LED Positive) / Black (LED Ground)

Input (3 wires)
 - Red (Harness Brake) / White (Harness DRL/Parking) / Black (Harness Ground) 

Notes -
This is for one PAIR (2) of modules. 
If out of stock, please allow 1-2 weeks for backorders.
Recommend use in conjunction with LED strips