Illumaesthetic ZZW30 Toyota MRS Gauge Faces

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Featuring the design cues from Italy's finest, this gauge face features a yellow center face, borders around the black numbers for illumination, and a raised redline for 2ZZ motors (can be configured).

Includes - 

- 1 Gauge Face (Speedo, Tach, Fuel/Temp)
- You will need to remove stock needles to install this cluster face
- This does not have any affect on MRS 8k cluster limit

Special notes (PLEASE READ)

- All items are for manual transmission versions. If you have an automatic but still want the gauges, we can still accommodate you, just please keep in mind you will be towards the end of the work order as we will do the manual transmission ones first.
The are not full replacement clusters, but full plastic replacements of the original faces. That means you will need to take your cluster, and remove the needles. We will be providing tutorials on how to do so if you are not familiar with the process.
- The diffusion elements of these faces are designed to work with white T5 1210 LEDs. These are not included in the kit, we recommend you purchase them separately through other vendors for maximum effect. 




Any design request/change made from the standard faces counts as a custom order. Please email or message us for any custom order requests prior to ordering. Custom orders can cost anywhere from $180-$300 depending on the amount of artwork needed to be done. 


Any questions about the product or about your variant, please feel free to message us on FB or email us directly at Thank you!

Functionality video (night time illumination video/photos coming soon) -