All reassembly aspects of the DIY install. This includes: 

  • Recommended adhesives, tools
  • Fixing the lighting element to the housing
  • Securing modules, wiring
  • Reassembling the light and sealing

Recommended adhesives/tools

  • E6000/Shoe Goo/Amazing Goop (black/clear)
  • Cyanoacrylate (super glue)
  • Butyl tape (recommended: 3M window weld)
  • Silicone adhesive (recommended: GE Silicone II, black)
  • *optional* Acrylic welder (fixing any plastic cracks in the housing)
  • *optional* Plastic welder (alternative to silicone adhesive)
*optional* Glun gun & glue sticks (tacking on things while adhesives cure)

Securing the lighting element 

*Video coming soon!*


Securing modules & wiring

*Video coming soon!*


Reassembling light & sealing


Butyl sealing -