Diffusion Tutorial

The following is a brief write-up on how to create diffusion for your DIY tail lights.

[Materials Needed]

Included with DIY Kits:
- Illumaesthetic LED Diffusion Panel
- High Density LED Strip (Color of Choice)
- Styrene Backing Panel
- Dimming Modules (If Applicable)

Recommended Materials (Not Included):
- Clear Shoe Goo (For LED Strips) 
- Butyl Tape (3M Window Weld)
- General Soldering Equipment (Solder, Wires, Etc)


1. With the included Styrene Panel, mock up the approximate size and shape of the panel since it needs to be cut down and bent to fit and sit behind the diffusion panel. It should look like a smaller version of the diffusion panel when completed.

2. Cut the Styrene Panel down to size and bend to shape using a heat gun. This process does not need to be perfect, only to ensure that there is enough area to put the LED strips. They need to sit sufficiently far enough behind the diffusion panel.

3. Lay down the LED strips. Make sure they are placed in such a way that they match the design of the diffusion layout. If you are cutting them to a shorter size, make sure they are cut in the designated cutting areas. If you are animating each section of the diffusion panel, keep them separated.

4. Place your diffusion panel over it. Feel free to test it at this point. If you can see the individual LED's still, then the Styrene Panel needs to be placed further back. If it looks fine, then take some butyl tape and make a border along the walls of the tail light housing. This is to seal any light from escaping out of the edges of the diffusion panel. Use shoe goo to hold the Diffusion Panel and Styrene Panel in place. 

5. Allow sufficient time to cure. 

The final product should look like this!