Complete Plug & Play Full Tail lights


      We do not sell complete tail lights!

      Our tail lights are sold as DIY kits and require assembly/basic wiring knowledge.

      If you are not comfortable wiring or assembling our DIY kits yourself but still want the tail lights, please contact a builder near you on our Builders Network page!

      Complete DIY kits, which include all the basic electronics you need in one package. 

      Each kit contains - LEDs, LED Panel, resistors, and a basic dimming module

      *OPTIONAL EXTRAS* - Animation modules, sequential modules, strobe modules (ordered separately) 

      Other things you will need that are not included - The physical light you are planning on opening (known as a core), miscellaneous wires (12 gauge, 22 gauge), soldering iron & auxillary tools, crimps.

      This is what you can expect when you order a kit: 

      8 products

      8 products