LED Strip (5054 LEDs, medium density, multiple colors)

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Exclusively from Oniglow, we have provided a unique LED strip option that takes the guesswork out of doing LED retrofits. 

When it comes to certain EBay/Amazon-based LED strips, they are not manufactured to a standard that allows them to be used for automotive use (they generally only good enough for indoor use). What we have done for you is take the guesswork out of purchasing materials, negotiated a bulk-purchase deal, and passed the savings along to you! These LED strips have been tested to handle the needs of automotive use, including temperature changes, vibration, and maximum brightness.

Product Features:

1. Strips utilize 5054 SMD LEDs, resulting in much higher brightness levels than standard 5050 LEDs.
2. Expected life span - ~50,000 hours
3. Sold in a standard 5 meter reel, packaged in an ESD bag
4. Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
6. Ultra-bright, low temperature
7. Low power consumption


1. Protection Rate  : IP20 Non-waterproof
2. Input Voltage: 12V DC
3. LED Density: 60 LEDs / 1 meter
4. Viewing Angle: 120 - 140 degrees
5. Working Temperature: -20 ° to 50 ° Celcius
6. Intensity - 350-450 mcd / LED

Notes -
If out of stock, please allow 1-2 weeks for backorders.