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Want a gauge face for a car we don't have listed? We can make it for you! 

For less commonly modified cars or cars we simply haven't had a chance to do yet, we offer on-demand custom gauge face services for those requesting! Please read the following FAQ regarding getting custom work done. 

What's the cost? 

Custom orders can range anywhere from $200 to $300+ depending on the complexity of the artwork. For the $200-$300 orders, we usually use provided reference material or create simple graphics for your based on your desires. For the $300+ orders we usually do in-house art specific to you, which you get to keep afterwards. The art will not be re-used without your explicit permission. 

What's involved?

For custom orders, we usually will need a gauge cluster provided to us that we can scan and check for fitment and proper lighting. If this is an issue, we highly recommend purchasing a used cluster online and having it shipped to us. This is a necessary step in the process and we cannot do it without it. Other then that, we need to know a general idea of what you'd like the gauge cluster to look like, to be able to accurately give you a quote on time and cost. Please note, we do not do design previews unless the customer places a $150 deposit committing to the gauge face order. 

What can I make custom?

In short, you can change the background, the font of the text, select warning lights, the color of illumination (if applicable), add logos. There are a couple of other advanced changes that are possible that are very specific to make/model that we will not go into detail here. 

How long?

Custom art can take anywhere from 4-9 weeks depending on the complexity of the art desired and the complexity of the gauge cluster face that is needed to be made. 

How do I place the order?

If you are interested still, please go ahead and email us, stating that you've see this product and are ready to proceed. Please let us know your make/model, send a picture of your gauge cluster, and let us know what you'd like the gauge cluster to look like. 

Special Notes:

This not a full gauge cluster replacement. A whole gauge cluster is not included in this product. These are full plastic replacements for the original gauge faces. The cluster needs to be removed and disassembled in order to install the new gauge faces. Any design changes from any pre-designed gauge face will be considered a custom order. Please refer below.

Custom Orders:

Reference Material:

View an installation tutorial here.
View a functionality test images here.


For any questions and concerns about any products, please feel free to contact us or drop us a line on Facebook. Thank you!