**SCRATCH/DENT** - Subaru WRX/STI Impreza VA Gauge Faces (2015+)

**SCRATCH/DENT** - Subaru WRX/STI Impreza VA Gauge Faces (2015+)

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Subaru VA clusters at scratch/dent pricing! 

All gauges have minor print issues, but other than that gauges function as they should. 

Due to the pricing of these clusters, you will be given a random face at our choosing. All faces are SOLD AS IS! 

Known issues - 

3 of the cherry blossom VA gauges have minor surface level print imperfections that did not make cut, mostly regarding mold alignment or minor streaking on surface. Function and look fine during day/night
2 of the cherry blossom VA gauges have red overspray on the white text, so they appear red in color. If you have 2015-2017 cluster, that should not be issue as your lights are red and normally on

2 of the varis branded VA STi clusters have small imperfections on white part of cluster. One has dust spots, other has dent in the gauge on left side (minor)

Red/black WRX gauge has warning lights printed white (supposed to be clear), no other issues.  

Great for a wall ornament or playing around to see what designs you like. 

All gauges are otherwise functional when installed into car.